How do you profit on ASDIC and traffic analysis?

Today, without traffic analysis, you have no idea of neither the ordinary traffic nor the errors in your network. And yes - there are errors in most networks. They may not come to your attention until the day they cause you some trouble.

With ASDIC and traffic analysis, you will be able to detect and correct those errors before they cause a failure.

Typical errors of interest are;

  • Firewall rules not consistent with desired network traffic
  • Trojans, spy-ware, worms and viruses in the internal network
  • Users running software not conforming to policy
  • Network attacks from both outside and inside
  • Application errors
  • Routing errors
  • Application software configuration errors

With ASDIC and traffic analysis you can be proactive and correct many of the errors before they affect your users, customers and business.

Many times, an error in the network does not cause harm before it interacts with some other error, and the combined effects causes a network malfunction.

For the network consultant it can be quite profitable running ASDIC in a new network environment since it is most likely to discover network errors and misconfigurations rendering even more work for the consultant correcting them. This is of course also beneficial for the end customer getting a more stable and reliable network.

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