ASDIC comes in three flavors:

  • Solaris 32-bit version for Intel Pentium4 or better
  • Solaris 64-bit version for AMD Opteron (K8)
  • GNU/Linux 64-bit version

Binary distributions for Solaris-10 on x86 architecture. ASDIC is not Open Source and not GPL, but copyrighted Ping Research AB. ASDIC user clients, log data and other traffic information sources are not limited to Solaris and GNU/Linux but handles log and traffic data from any system.

Common features

The distribution is a Solaris-10 x86 packages. The GNU/Linux distribution is an Debian packet for the 64-bit architecture only. Scales up to two CPU (cores) per system.


FeatureSolaris 32-bitSolaris 64-bitGNU/Linux version
ArchitecturePentium4 32-bitOpteron (K8) 64-bitx86_64
Database size2 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
System memory2 GBLimited only by hardwareHardware
ClusteringSingle system onlyCluster of systemsSingle/Cluster

As of version 3, Solaris versions are discontinued.

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