File Structure

Directories and important files used by ASDIC


Configuration files customizing the system.


Log file parse grammar definition file.


Default parameter file for ASDIC.


Startup script for the ASDIC message broker.


Startup script for the ASDIC packet sniffer.


ASDIC apache web server configuration file.


Here is the distribution installed.


Binary distribution. Include this in you path if you are running utilities manually.


CGI binaries for the web user interface.


Static HTML files for the web user interface.


This is the working data directory.


Here are the database files and some temporary spool files. For better performance during maintenance operations such as start up, database reorganization and so, make sure this is a fast disk. SSD disk might boost performance a lot. Even if not using fast disks, it is good to keep this disk separated from the other disks since heavy disk I/O are going to take place here, restricting other potential disk operations.


Makefile to create the default databases.


Default databases for defined search options such as criteria, ip-groups and predefined searches. Unpacked during installation if those databases are missing.


Some exported database data not benefiting of fast disks are stored here. Better bulk than speed.


Temporary files used by ASDIC. Old files can safely be deleted and are so by a cron job.


Temporary dynamic HTML files used by the web graphical user interface. Old files can safely be deleted and are so by a cron job.

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