Installation Manual GNU/Linux

Using a Debian based x86-64 distribution (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu);

# dpkg -i asdic_3.0.0_amd64.pkg

ASDIC is now up and running and within 15 minutes you will get the first example reports in your (root) mailbox.

Now you'll need to take the time reading the ASDIC documentation at this site, especially the advances usage section so you will be able to configure the traffic analysis searches so they make sense in you network environment. Since ASDIC do not resembles other tools you have used, it may take a while before you can use its full strength. Read the manual thorough, it will pay off.

Then go to http://localhost/asdic to use the system and customize your reports to match your needs and environment. Default login is "asdic" with the password you specified during installation.

Additional tasks

  • Make sure your web server only allows trusted uses (https recommended).
  • Make sure all local users are trusted (with loopback interface access you have unrestricted access to ASDIC).
  • Make sure the ASDIC server itself is protected (firewalled).
  • Optional edit /etc/default/asdic to customize ASDIC.
  • Optional edit files i /etc/opt/asdic to enable log file parsing etc.
  • Optional feed logs into /opt/var/asdic/db/asdicfeed.log via syslog.

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