Requirements and recommendations building the ASDIC appliance system.


GNU/Linux x86-64 operating system

Packaged for the Debian based distribution. All requirements and dependencies are handled by the Debian package management system.


Dedicated system

You should not run other applications or users on the ASDIC network appliance. ASDIC is CPU and memory intensive and can make the system unresponsive during high loads.


You must not run ASDIC with less than 2 GB RAM. 8 GB RAM or better is recommended for a production system. ASDIC uses a large working set and do not benefit much of paging/swapping but keeps most in RAM at all times. If ASDIC gets too low on RAM, it will go from full speed to dead slow in a second. The performance hit is total. Consider keeping redundant data shorter period of time and/or run expunge more frequent to adjust to available RAM.

Dual CPU or Dual core

ASDIC only require a single CPU machine, but for performance, dual CPUs or cores are recommended. More than two CPUs will in general not increase system speed with more than 20%. If you are running multiple ASDIC network sniffers, and have heavily loaded networks, more than two CPUs may gain additional performance.


Fast disks are recommended, but not a requirement. Slower disks will slow down performance during system startup and database maintenance, but only marginally affect ordinary operations like report response times. Separate disk for the ASDIC database partition (/var/opt/ASDIC) may gain performance during high loads.

Running an ASDIC installation not fulfilling the requirements violates the software license.

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