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ASDIC Business Model

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Our business is the ASDIC Network Traffic Analysis System.

ASDIC is available in a variety of different business models:

  • Free fully functional version for non-profit professional use (i.e. in-house).
  • Royalty based licensing for profit use.
  • Installation support and education.
  • Full support, all included.
  • Custom development to meet specific needs.

ASDIC targets primarily three categories of users:

  • The larger organization running ASDIC in-house.
  • The consultant using ASDIC to diagnose the customers network.
  • The company monitoring networks for a living.

For the network consultant it can be quite profitable running ASDIC in a new network environment since it is most likely to discover network errors and misconfigurations rendering even more work for the consultant correcting them. This is of course also beneficial for the end customer getting a more stable and reliable network.

For a more functional description of the ASDIC traffic analysis system, see the ASDIC section of this web site.

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